Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another great day with the ladies. If you want to see and hear them singing as they dry the meat go to
Some are from churches that dislike each other, so maybe this has broken down some walls--or at least cracked them a little. There was a conference meeting going on in the Methodist Church, so the ladies went over and serenaded them. Another blow for peace. Some will go home tonight, some tomorrow morning, but most will worship together at the Bunda church. We have another of these planned for Lamadi when Gary's group gets here. Wish we could do one a month. What a difference that would make. Have heard nothing from the government about my letters but that is to be expected. President Kikwete will come through Bunda on Monday and then on to Musoma on Tuesday. We have to take Karen and John back to the dentist in Mwanza on Wednesday, pay for the tires, and buy two more shock absorbers. Shaban's wife broke her ankle and is in a cast for a month, so he has been with her these past few days. Karen has been a real trooper working through her pain to teach this seminar. It will be better in July when she has some help besides John. She doesn't like me to mention her illness or pain, but I am really proud of her. I have done so little, and she has done so much. I hope she dies first so she can put in a good word for me. Keep us in your prayers.
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