Thursday, June 17, 2010

You all know the story of the millions of starfish dying on the beach and the small boy throwing them one at time back into the sea. An adult told him what he was doing didn't matter, the problem was too great. The little boy said, as he threw one more back into the sea, "It matters to that one." Because we are not about great and mighty works, sometimes we feel we are doing little or nothing. We get down on ourselves because things aren't happening as fast as we want or as huge and majestic as we want and without the numbers we value so highly. We need to slow down, reflect a little on what we are doing, and remember that to please God, it only takes giving one drink of water to one thirsty child. I've posted some pictures to remind us (and you) that we are indeed about God's work--even if it is not as large or as grand as we planned. Remember that little boy that gave his two small fish and five loaves to Jesus. Let us give what we have and let Jesus make the miracle. Then we are truly blessed.
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