Saturday, June 19, 2010

We had visitors today from Kenya, Mwanza, and here in Bunda. They had been told that if they wanted to see how water filters, beef jerky, solar cookers, and other things could change the energy and health environment of Tanzania--they had to come visit Maisha Na Maji. They were very impressed. Their only disappointment was that John and I had eaten all the beef jerky and there was none to taste. The way John makes it is a way that everyone here could do it. We have so much sunshine and dried meat lasts so long it is just a natural. The filters were a big hit, too. I guess word gets around, even if it is ever so slowly. One day, one day things may change in a big way here, and we may have played a small part in it. We just take each day as it comes. We are planning a sanitation and hygiene training coupled with a lay pastor training for when Gary's group comes in July. Another small step forward. I frequently mention our workers, family, friends, and others, so I thought I would include just some pictures of them for you. The pictures are at right. Check them out.
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