Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sometimes we feel that we are just not accomplishing anything. We feel alone and adrift on a foreign sea. A friend sent us this piece from Roy Lessin. It helped us. Maybe it will help you.
Do you feel God has given you an insignificant role or put you in a remote,
hidden place? Consider these words from Frank Boreham as he discovers the
Linea flower while hiking in a remote region…
“Again and again I held it near my face, enjoying the perfume…I looked up
and thanked God for this tiny flower, so insignificant, growing in a wild,
almost untrodden forest, yet bringing cheer and refreshment to me. I
thought, why is it so obscure, when it is a flower with such fragrance, and
surely worthy of a place in the most stately grounds? I learned a lesson by
it—I thought, ‘if I cannot be a tall pine in God’s forest, I may be a tiny
flower to send forth the fragrance of Jesus in a world of so much sadness.’”
You may not be one of those great pine trees growing in his forest of God’s
grace that many eyes can see; you are like the Linea flower, planted by God
in a seemingly insignificant place, to bless others, to renew the weary, to
strengthen the weak, to lift the discouraged, and to refresh those in need
of encouragement as they continue on to follow the Lord.
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