Friday, June 25, 2010

Quite a day today. The District Commissioner missed his meeting with Karen and several members of the community, so a new meeting has been set for Monday. Shaban and I went to Musoma where we got the tires balanced and aligned and a few other minor car problems fixed. I got the money problem at the bank worked out with many apologies from the bank manager. I checked at another bank but they have even slower wire transfers at lower exchange rates, so I gave them a pass. Checked out the new little house Amos wants to rent and we will front him the three-month advance so he can move in soon. His wife just can't stand to go back to the house where her baby died. I understand. When I got home, Bishop Monto was waiting for me to meet about local church and national church matters. I don't know if we solved all the problems, but we feel better about it. We also worked together on the plans for the group coming in July--church at Karikakari, Bible school at Nyashimo, and a sanitation and hygiene training workshop at Lamadi at the same time we will have a pastor and evangelist training there, too. Our guests will be a big help to the church here. Keep us in your prayers.
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