Friday, June 11, 2010

Lusi went home crying from the pain of malaria today. Paul is back having settled the legal claim trying to take his home away. He won. John worked today on three of his projects. Karen worked on two of hers. I just sat and enjoyed not being in pain. When the pain is over, the depression sets in for all the stuff you didn't do over the last six months. I did meet with a guy about my hot-line for AIDS project and he agreed to supply forty phones, but that's still years away. The weather is nice, and the beef jerky John made is the best I've ever eaten. Sometimes we get down because no one other than other missionaries here really know what it's like to have no one back home truly understand what we are doing. We knew that when we came and most of the time it's not a big thing. Every now and then, though, it hits us all. It never lasts--for every dip on this roller coaster there is an exciting thrill coming along. Guess life is like that for everyone. Do something kind today.
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