Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lusi tried to work again today, and again we sent her back home. John, Shaban, and Karen all went to Musoma. John to meet with Robi about computer projects, Shaban to drive, and Karen to meet with an immigration official to make sure her school and John's school won't violate our residence permits. Since this is Africa, the immigration guy didn't show up, so we will try again later. They also went by the Coptic hospital to pick up more medication for me. Some of it keeps the nausea down a bit but doesn't stop it. Still, it's better than nothing. Sometimes, I can go several days without being sick. Met with a pastor today who wants me to buy a small generator for his church which is far away from the power grid. I prefer the natural instruments and not keyboards, but it is a losing battle. Our internet is very slow because so many Africans are trying to watch the world cup on their computers. TIA (this is Africa). Found some old friends on Facebook. That cheered me up considerably.
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