Monday, June 14, 2010

Lusi showed up for work today, but we sent her right back home after buying her some medicine for her malaria. She had already taken some, but it was cheap and not very effective. Juliana and Charlini showed up early to take up the slack. John spent the day cleaning and reorganizing his office. Karen interviewed a possible replacement teacher. Salome will not be able to continue as she must nurse an ailing relative--common in this culture. The lady today seemed very good--excellent English, young, and trained in Kenya. She will return later with references and her mother for a second interview. Paul got a filter made and will deliver it in about five days (it takes several days for the cement to cure). Each filter can deliver enough clean, safe water for about thirty people. The Bunda District Commissioner has two: one is just for his bathwater. All the men are sleepy and will be for the next few weeks until the world cup is over. You could hear cheering all over Bunda last night when Ghana won their match--first African country to win. It's all anyone is talking about today.
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