Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Kabasa church lost the building they were using when gold was discovered nearby. I bought them a plot of land and several tarps for protection from the sun and rain. They are ready to start making bricks to begin a building, but the tarps were not enough protection from the heavy rains, so they are meeting in a home at present. Karen enjoyed worshipping with the small group that was there this morning. Pictures are on the left. They are all fuzzy because they were taken with a cell phone. She also went and looked at the three-room school she and I helped to build for the community. It was a good morning. I didn't get any sleep because of the nausea and slept all morning. I will be really glad when I can start going to church again. I really miss it. Church is important for all Christians in all lands even if the language is different. When you worship with fellow Christians, you please God. That's a really good thing.
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