Monday, June 7, 2010

For the first time in over two months, my arm is free of pain. My leg is free of pain. The only problems that remain are the two more months of TB medication that make me ill and give me headaches. I am walking more, but I still have to sit with my feet up to let the powerful antibiotic cocktail work on the TB. Thank God and Jerry for suggesting a recliner that allows me to do that. Karen hung a rope near the chair to help me get out because I am much weaker due to six months of inactivity. I still can't sit at a desk or a table, so writing on my laptop is far from ideal, but I can do it. Thank all of you who have prayed for me, sent money to help with medical expenses, and sent words of support to help me get through all of this. Without support from others, no matter how far apart geographically, I couldn't have done what I needed to do. Thanks also to my good friend, Pete O'Neal, without whose help I would have really been at a loss. His hospitality and daily conversations helped me get by--and allowed me to vent about the downside of aging as we both sang the same sad song. Still, he is doing good work with a new knee, and I hope to get back to my work soon. Karen and John have been real troopers through this as well. The staff have been praying for me, too. I guess God is not finished with me yet. Must be more work to do. Thank God and thank you.
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