Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The die is cast, the Rubicon is crossed. We have mailed and emailed letters to the President of Tanzania, to the Prime Minister, to the Minister of Education, to the former District Commissioner, to our Member of Parliament, and to the U.S. Embassy asking for help getting the books into the hands of Tanzanian students. Maybe nothing will happen, but since that's what's happening now, no harm done. Maybe the government (this is an election year) will either do something on its own or put pressure on the Bunda bureaucrats to finish the library in a hurry. The subject line of the email was Bunda Bureaucrats Reject Gift of Library. In a speech President Kikwete made just two weeks ago, he cited the need for more text books and other reading materials. I mentioned that quote in the letters we sent. If we are deported, we promise to stay with each of you for just a few days, will be very quiet, and eat little. I have never written a more tactful letter in my life. It took three days and a couple of sleepless nights to get it just right. Folks around here thought it was very good, but we will see. So much for me staying out of the limelight. I just focused a huge spotlight on us for good or for ill. The Holy Spirit would not let me sleep until we had done this, so I guess we are on the good side of God anyway. Not a bad place to be. Tomorrow, we start a four-day sanitation and hygiene workshop where John will be teaching the ladies how to make beef jerky using United Nations guidelines. They're in the kitchen slicing the meat now. We've been many things, but shy and retiring are not among them. Keep us in your prayers.
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