Thursday, June 24, 2010

Didn't make it to Musoma, will go tomorrow. Tomorrow, I have to have the car worked on, pay the Social Security for the staff, try to get things straightened out at the bank, and meet with the Swiss missionary. Today, met with our local immigration officer to get things ready for Gary's group and met with Festo, the pastor at Karikakari, to work on getting him a small generator he can take around to his five churches. John is over at the Australian missionaries trying to fix their internet. Oh, we will also be delivering a biosand water filter tomorrow in Musoma. Yesterday, coming back from Mwanza, passed a bus accident that took twenty lives. There are lots of ways to die here. We are helping Amos move into a sturdier house so that the rain won't collapse the walls, as it did last month, killing his daughter. Got a Facebook message from a young woman whose marriage I performed years ago in Gravette, Arkansas, that gave me a real lift. I don't get many of those these days. Each one is precious.
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