Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Well, enough of you read this to keep me writing it. As one said, "We don't want to seem selfish and we know that it is painful for Charles to write the daily blog . . . but we would miss an 'added blessing' to our lives without it." Another big storm last night, so no power of course. John is moving our internet antenna out to the school for better reception or something. I just let John do what he wants if it concerns the internet or computers. Servicing the generator today if the power is on long enough. Friday and Saturday, we will have twenty of the wives of the pastors and evangelists here for a two-day sanitation and hygiene seminar. Tomorrow marks the end of eight weeks of TB medication and a shift from a four-drug cocktail to a two-drug cocktail until August 4th. There is no question the leg is better although it is still ugly to look at. Pain in neck, shoulder, and arm persist, but just to let the nurses know, I am walking up to Martha's place at least once a day to prevent clots in my legs. Keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours.
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