Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Problems with money transfer have left me stuck here for another week, but we are used to such setbacks. They are a way of life around here. Falling walls can kill babies while other mamas are learning how to save theirs. We can be cooking on charcoal because the power is out while John is working on computer stuff to benefit the hospitals. We live in a very paradoxical world here. Trucks get stuck while oxen trudge past them. Masaai warriors pull cell phones from their robes while they are walking. People with nothing can be happy and hopeful while people with much live in fear and anger. The rain makes the crops grow so children can be fed and destroys the roads while it's doing it. In a world like this, waiting another week to get to the hospital is not such a big thing. We have an expression for it, "Lakini ndivyo ilivyo!" Sort of, "But what can you do?" We pray. You pray, too.
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