Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lizbeth came by last night. She had just put her husband on a plane to Sweden where he will work for the next six months driving a bus, so they can keep their orphanage here up and running. She is a good friend. Today, Karen and John are going to a missionary fellowship gathering in Bweri, just around the corner from Lizbeth's at the home of Jono and Amy Vink. Jono and Amy are Australian, Anglican missionaries and have just recently returned from Australia where Amy had to go for surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer. Like most of the missionaries we know, Amy couldn't wait to get back to work here in Tanzania. We are like the old Timex commercial: We take a licking and keep on ticking. One of side effects of TB medication that makes me sick and gives me terrible headaches is that I am also losing weight. I have lost over thirty pounds (thirteen kilos or over two stone) in the last two months. This is a good thing. I still can't drive, or walk far, or use my right arm for much, but we are still working as a team advancing the Kingdom of God here in East Africa. Thank all of you for your prayers and support. They mean a lot to us. God bless you all.
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