Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If the money gets here by tomorrow, I will be leaving for Arusha on Monday. It will be good to see Pete again and to get my nerve damage repaired. Amos will be back at work tomorrow, thatching one of the guest cottages that was damaged in the storm. I pay him extra for thatching and he needs the money. Karen lets three-year-old Charlini read a book when she comes to visit and now that is the first thing she picks up when she gets here and the last thing to put down before she leaves. We forget how precious a book can be to a child. It is still raining every day but not all day. John has been picked to beta test a video game which is great news for him, but we won't see him for a while. Looking forward to the group coming from Arkansas and Oklahoma in July. Some old friends and some we haven't met yet. Ain't life grand?
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