Friday, May 21, 2010

I was wrong to call the guy a physical terrorist--this guy worked for the Spanish Inquisition! He strapped my head in this thing and then jacked my head away from my body. When the pain was the worst, he said, "Good" and walked out of the room for twenty minutes. Then he used what looked and sounded like a padded jackhammer on my neck and shoulder, and then he got to work. I have to go back Tuesday morning for more, but it feels better today than it has in quite some time. There is a group of college kids here from Boston, and they are a good group. Their teacher is a sculptor and professor of art. Cool guy. We watched a drum and dance group this afternoon, and they were good. The college kids danced with them, but Pete and I just watched. Pete is fixing me some pork chops for dinner tonight. A good day.
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