Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting ready for all the ladies coming on Friday for a three-day visit: two days of sanitation and hygiene training followed by a day of worship. We bought a lot of food today and have a lot of rice to clean. The continuing rain storms are a bit of a nuisance. Who ever heard of heavy rains during the season of heavy rains? Repairs continue on our roofs. Some are fixed, and we hope to finish the others before there is more damage. The rainy season is usually over by mid-May, but you never know. John is now also working on a free telephone system that uses the internet but doesn't need a computer. Karen's school restarts next week and this term it will just be in the afternoons--no more switching back and forth from morning to afternoon every other week. Power is spotty because of the rain as is the internet. If I can, I will go to Arusha next week to see if the doctors at Selian hospital can fix my nerve damage. We will see. Just so you know, if you tell us of problems you are having, we, and our churches, will be praying for you. We are already praying for many in the States and will continue to pray for all who are in need. God bless you all.
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