Thursday, May 20, 2010

First, the good things. I have lost over thirty pounds. None of the skin cancers is malignant or needs removal. My leg was pronounced healed, but continue the medication till August. I was at the hospital from ten in the morning till six thirty that night. I left for an hour to have lunch, but, after the first bite, thanks to the TB meds, started throwing up in the restaurant and continued for about thirty minutes. Had to stop the taxi three times on the way back to the hospital to throw up on the streets of Arusha. Back at the hospital, began throwing up blood, so into the emergency (urgent care, here) for rehydration and treatment. Later, after high resolution x-rays, saw that my upper vertebrae appear to be fused. Looks like someone was bungie jumping without the bungie. Nothing to be done unless the physical terrorist (therapist, I call 'em as I see 'em) can make some spaces between them. He will try on Friday to do this. If he can, then the doctor has some options which he hasn't shared with me yet. Will know more after the treatment and x-rays on Friday. Keep us in your prayers.
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