Thursday, April 1, 2010

We have a small group of Anglican women coming from Wakefield, England, later this month to work with us on filters and pumps for the Mara region. This all got started when Jerry met with an Englishman named Bob a year or two ago. This could be a very big thing as the folks in England have committed several years and a lot of money to this project. We will follow God's lead. Our German missionary friends from Geita will be with us this Easter and we will also do some things with the Australian missionaries as well. At least Karen and John will. I still have an open wound on my leg although it is healing well and am still confined to a chair by the pain in my arm. Next Tuesday, I go back for another round of injections. One day, this will all be behind me for no storm lasts forever. I'm okay as long as I can support my arm in a certain position, but even riding to Musoma puts me in great pain. I have only been out three times since the middle of February and those were all to go to hospitals. What fun the life of a missionary can be. Livingstone had it much worse. The first male Methodist missionary to Africa only lived eight months and had malaria the whole time, yet he started a school that still exists two hundred years later. God can use wounded healers.
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