Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We had a wonderful Easter. Thank you for all the prayers. While I was still confined, we had Australian and German guests, had long talks, the kids hunted Easter eggs, and everyone but me went out for lunch and swimming just inside the Serengeti at Kijershi Tented Camp. Our German friends will be returning to Germany for a one year furlough beginning this June. We will miss them. The Chinese doctor was afraid to give me more injections because of my heart problem, so we are trying some two-day, stick-on medicine patches he gave me from his house. Hopefully, these will ease the pain. Had a good long meeting with Bishop Monto to discuss the meeting yesterday which went beautifully. Planned the S & H workshop for May 7 and 8. Bishop Monto and Karen met with the old women's group this afternoon, and Bishop Monto has found other Methodist women in Bunda who need the money and want to work, so we will continue on. Bishop Monto told the women this afternoon that they needed to rethink their commitment to Christ and His church and explained that loving people didn't mean assisting them to stray from Christ's teachings. We will be issuing pastor's licenses and church identity cards for the pastors and lay pastors in the coming months.
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