Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Swiss missionary friend is back home and our English visitors arrive tomorrow for four days. It is still raining every day and we are working on repairs--every roof was damaged. Internet has been down and Lusi has a child in hospital with malaria. The bathtub has sprung a leak, so we will fix that on Monday. We have bought food and are getting ready for our guests from Wakefield, England. We will have folks in both guest cottages, so those roofs are being repaired first. Hopefully, we can at least fix the leaks if we can't get the roofs rethatched in time. Had a good meeting with the pastor and the woman who leads the women's group in Lamadi, yesterday. There are some Masaai women among them and they are making small wooden crafts to sell to raise money for building a church. This Lamadi church is meeting in a school, and they want their own building. Keep them in your prayers.
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