Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last night, we had the worst storm in all the years we've been here. The high winds and driving rain flattened houses, tore the roofs off of many, and soaked everything. It damaged every roof in the compound, tore the tops off of trees, blew over bookcases, spilled paint on the floors, and soaked everything electrical. We don't think we lost anything other than thatch and plants, but we haven't inspected all of Maisha Na Maji. Neighbors lost their roofs and in some cases their house as well. Power has been out for fifteen hours as I write this, and we don't expect it to be restored today--maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, our little generator chugs away keeping the food from going bad. Our guest was frightened but happy to be in a well built guest cottage. Lusi and her children were scared, but her roof held, although her neighbor's didn't. For here, it was also very cold, adding to the misery of those who were huddled together, soaked to the skin, and very afraid. We will be weeks getting things repaired, partly because of the expense, and partly because everything just goes very slowly here. Still, we are all right and the buildings fared very well. The metal roofs under the thatch kept us all warm and dry. Please pray for those homeless and hungry because of the storm.
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