Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is me. The pain in my arm has lessened somewhat, and I am going to Mwanza today to see a physiotherapist at the Bugando Hospital. Didn't make it to Mwanza--problem with the brakes, will try again tomorrow. The nausea has gone from the TB medication (another six months of that), and, if I can get this arm pain thing fixed, I will be good to go. I am also looking into buying a better, firmer mattress, and a different chair to sit in. Janeth is still missing. We are so sad. Juliana brought her Catholic priest here to pray for me yesterday, and he invited me to preach in their church. I accepted, but will have to get my arm fixed first. Karen agreed to do two sanitation and hygiene seminars at the Catholic church starting in two weeks. Hope to post daily from here out, but don't stop praying.
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