Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The results are in: physioTERRORIST 4, overage, overweight missionary 0. Wow, for a little woman, that lady could sure put the hurt on me. I do still hurt, but not from the pinched nerve. She fixed that but left a lot of bruises in her wake. I can turn my head, got more sleep last night than I have in almost two weeks, and it all cost less that $30 USD. Not bad, I guess. I am very happy. Also have a new chair, a new mattress, and a new attitude that should keep this from happening again. Karen has a meeting with the District Commissioner today and John has to go to Musoma to fix the crashed internet system. I am posting this by using my phone (expensive and slow) because we still have no internet. Thought for a while that we might have an American intern here (grad student from Colorado) for a year, but she backed out the other day. Maybe I shouldn't have given her our blog site. Anyway, the sun is coming up, the birds are singing, and Lusi is just coming in the front door. Another day to serve God in Tanzania (we don't have daylight saving time here--we just have twelve hours of daylight every day).
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