Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gearing up for another try with the President's wife. The District Commissioner came here yesterday to guarantee that she would be here Sunday at noon. Now, we will be delivering three filters: one for her, one for Nyrere's widow, and one I don't know why. Karen is painting them with the Tanzanian logo and pictures of the two men. They will try to deliver them tonight, but manpower is short. I can't even drive which would help them. Our German missionary friends from Geita are coming for a visit on Easter weekend before they go back to Germany for a year's furlough. We are putting a new security door on the front door of our house this week as well. John has a meeting in Musoma tomorrow, so I will be here alone. The doctor still comes every day to clean and bandage the wound in my leg which is healing slowly since it is growing muscle over the bone. He is a nice man and always prays for me before he leaves.
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