Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today was a back to the basics kind of day. Repairing things: toilets, drains, etc. Killing insects on the dogs and two of the trees took a while. The doctor has been coming every afternoon to change my dressing and check on the wound. He is a really nice man. After each treatment, we all pray, the doctor, his wife, Juliana, Lusi, Karen, and me. I found out today that a scholarship I helped start about fifteen years ago is still going and has $25,000 in the fund that grants $1,000 to a graduating senior from Gravette High School. It is named for a young friend and parishioner of mine who died in a car accident while I was the pastor of the Gravette Methodist Church. He was a wonderful young man, and I am very glad that his name lives on in this very positive way. Sometimes you help with things and never think of them again only to discover many years later how much they meant to folks. It's a blessing we all can share.
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