Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The lab results are all in and it seems that I have a chronic problem that is tied to tuberculosis. Friday morning, they will do another biopsy to confirm the level and type of tuberculosis that I have. After that, surgery for the leg and long-term treatment for the TB. Other than that, everything is okay. While I am sitting around over here in Arusha, Karen, John, and our visitors from Arkansas are drilling water wells in the villages, teaching sanitation and hygiene, distributing mosquito nets, doing Bible school, developing the water filter business and advancing the Kingdom of God. At least some of us are actively working and not just sitting around. I am very proud of them and wish I could be with them, helping. Pete took about ten of the kids to the polo field today but were told the kids couldn't play on the grass--only horses. I think horses' hooves would do a lot more damage than those twenty little feet, but I don't make the rules.
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