Saturday, February 6, 2010

I keep talking about Pete, but many of you may not know who he is. I am staying with an old friend in Arusha, Pete O'Neal. Pete is a seventy-year-old African American who has spent the last 40 years in Tanzania working for its people. You can read more about him and his colorful history at He is taking good care of me. Almost every group that comes here from America starts with an overnight stay at Pete's. Three of his buildings were the inspiration for three buildings at Maisha Na Maji as Pete has been an inspiration to me. His lovely wife, Charlotte is a gifted musician and artist who frequently travels to the U.S. to raise money to keep going. He also plays a mean alto sax and is now the grandfather of twenty kids they call Leaders of Tomorrow who live with Pete and Charlotte. He was the subject of an hour long documentary on PBS several years ago called "Panther in Africa". I am proud to call him friend.
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