Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Had a good day yesterday. Amy and Patricia went to the church in the village of Lamadi and did a sanitation and hygiene workshop for about 45 people. Jerry and Bob worked on filters. A parent, visiting his Australian missionary daughter, came over to see me and discovered that his wish to dig a well for the community around his daughter's mission compound could be helped by Jerry. Today, Jerry will help find the right spot to dig the well, and it will go on from there. Sometimes you just see the need and fill the need. Karen is a little better today but is going to the hospital in Musoma to see if they can help her. John has a meeting with the guys at Juasun (our internet provider) to work on a long-term project. Jerry is having two more molds for water filters being fabricated in Musoma, and we should be picking those up this week. Me, I'm still just sitting around, but it is a lot more fun to be surrounded by people actively involved in our mission and ministry.
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