Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, the former District Commissioner came by for a visit. She has been promoted to a district with over 2,000,000 people in it near Dar Es Salaam. She wanted to personally invite us to a party that was being given for her that night at the Teacher's College. Of course, I had to stay home, but Karen and John went. Karen wore the dress I gave her for Christmas (photo at left) and looked absolutely fabulous. John looked good, too, wearing the shirt he got for Christmas. It was an honor to be personally invited, and it was a good thing for the mission as well. John said the volume of the music was about 1,000 decibels and I believe him. Everything here seems to have to be loud enough to be heard in Uganda. The party didn't start till eight at night, but Karen and John made it back home by ten--which was when the party was just starting to get going. Had they stayed, they wouldn't have been back before two in the morning. We're just a little old for those hours now, but doesn't Karen look good?
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