Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There is a big shiny thing up in the sky. Some are calling it the "sun", but since we haven't seen it in months, we're just not sure. It is nice not to be sneezing all day and fighting over blankets. Juliana and Lusi tell me that God will heal my leg since the doctors all failed. It does look a little better, although the pain is still there. I guess if I wear long pants all the time, no one will ever know. John's computer is found and should be here later today. Karen made banana nut bread last night, and it is just the most wonderful thing since sliced bread. If this "sun" thing keeps shining, I may hobble up to Martha's Place in search on more Louis L'Amour novels. I used to live in West Texas and in California and camped in the desert, so many of the places he writes about are known to me. I know we are bit removed from what is happening in the states, but I have to ask, "Is Johnny Carson not on anymore?" And whatever happened to Jack Paar? If you didn't know I was old before, you do now.
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