Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still it rains. We have had enough now, I think. Today is Tanzania's Fourth of July, so everything is closed. No school either. Not much in the way of celebration, though. No fireworks or big concerts. A few big shows at the big cities for the high mucky mucks. We are just sitting around. If all goes well, we will have our car back tomorrow just about three months from the time of the accident. The police still have to officially release it back to me, so I wrote them an official letter today that Shaban will deliver tomorrow. John is still waiting on his new computer. We know it made it to Musoma and shall track it down. This rain and cold (for us) has my arthritis acting up, too. I think if we were back with the ice and snow, Karen and I would both be in the hospital. You guys need to come here where it is much warmer, and we could use the help. Please pray for the group coming in a couple of weeks even though we don't know exactly what day they will get to Bunda.
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