Monday, January 4, 2010

School doesn't start for the rest of the area until next Monday, but our school started today. The kids were supposed to come this afternoon, but they were all here by 8:30 this morning, so we just moved things up a bit. Bwana Masele continues his English classes for three of our staff, Juliana's daughter, and the Bunda circuit pastor. We continue to have cold (for us) and rain which leaves Karen in a lot of pain. She doesn't show it very often, but if she does, we know it is really bad. She fixed me breakfast this morning and brought it to me, and it made me cry. So many never know the kind of love that I enjoy, the kind that ignores its own pain. May we all so share in the suffering of Christ that each of us can work through our pain for those we love--and may those we love include all those who are suffering, here and everywhere. Please pray for my wife and all those whose only desire is to do good to others whatever the cost. Christ showed us how to do it--we only need to follow His example. This earth is not our home. We are resident aliens here with God given green cards that will one day be redeemed for full citizenship in God's heavenly kingdom. May we all carry the light He gave so that we can lead others to this joy eternal. True bliss is only experienced if it is shared--as Christ taught us.
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