Thursday, January 7, 2010

Power is off, generator is chugging away. Here, at least, when the power goes off, we don't have to worry about freezing to death or dying from heat stroke, and we do have generators which are fairly common. The effects of the food poisoning are pretty much gone, and I will be very careful in the future. The school is running well and the drought which had affected many of our churches in surrounding areas is over and crops are doing well. While the rain has ruined roads and done other damage, it has brought back many crops, and we should have no real problems with hunger in this area at least. The lakes are full so there should be power from the hydroelectric plants, but we still have the problem of old equipment that frequently fails. My leg is not better, and I might just have to live with it for quite some time. I've been hurt worse and still continued on. Some have suggested that we must be doing something here that really pleases God, so we should expect personal attacks like this. If that is the case, we will just struggle on because nothing is going to keep us from what we believe is our mission here. We have been called to serve, and we will continue to serve as best we can until we are called to our final home. We are excited about having a group coming here in three weeks which always gives us a shot in the arm. Please pray for a safe journey for all those coming and a successful mission here. God's blessing on you all for your prayers for us and for your support of our work here.
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