Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our local doctor here in Bunda came by yesterday afternoon. Since we had been unable to find the drugs prescribed by the doctor in Mwanza, this doctor left and went and got some more antibiotics that were available and in the same family as the IV ones. So, I've started those and will continue for another five days. Then we will see. Juliana's brother, who is an Anglican priest, and his wife came by today to pray for me. It is really nice having family and friends around after being alone in Mwanza for five days. I think it's the first New Year's Eve I have spent alone. Karen and John were surprised by the amount of noise and hoopla that went on in Bunda to usher in the new year. I slept through it, but it got here anyway. I pray that every one of you has a blessed and challenging 2010 knowing that God will get you through the challenges and you will discover His blessings. I also want to thank God for answering all your prayers with a Razorback victory in the Liberty Bowl. The player who kicked the winning field goal went to elementary school at George where Karen taught. Small world.
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