Thursday, January 28, 2010

My friend, Pete, called around and arranged a massage for me at a place he had never been, but it was near UAACC (United African Alliance Community Center--Pete's place). Neither he nor I had ever seen what we saw today. It was a huge estate for the ultra rich of Arusha. We drove down miles of electric fence and past guards with guns to get in. I had my massage at the little health club near the polo field and in sight of Mt. Kilimanjaro (still has some snow near the top) and Mt. Meru. There were few people about early in the morning, but Pete and I both expected to be kicked out at any moment. After my very good and painful massage, Pete and I sat on the upstair verandah of the polo club and had Cokes while we surveyed the well-watered polo field. All either of us could think about was how many orphans we could put up in a place like that. We did not fit in, but we brazened our way about. We didn't even ask about the price of the massage and thought for a while that we might have to give them the car for it. Only cost $30 as it turned out. The masseuse went to the Marquis de Sade school of massage, but I feel good now that the pain has gone. The whole thing has a kind of dream like quality to it. I'm going back next Tuesday for another massage, so Pete can find out how we can get some of those rich dudes to help out with the orphans. Pete has lived here for forty years and never knew of this place just ten kilometers from his home. I will have to dress better next week. Pete and I drove home knowing that we were the rich ones--those folks just had money.
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