Monday, January 11, 2010

More rain today, but it didn't dampen Lightness' spirits because today was the first day of school. She was so happy and looked good in her new uniform and shoes. She is going to Bunda Day School where our Peace Corps friend, Kathryn, taught for two years. By the way, Kathryn is back in Portland, Oregon, getting a master's and along the way got married and is now expecting a baby in June. We still communicate with her. Bwana Masele was here and happy today because his pikipiki (motorbike) that was stolen last year has been found and the thief ordered to pay an additional 850,000 Tsh to Bwana Masele. This kind of thing is rare, most of the time you never see the bike again. John is getting a computer server brought from England today to set up his lab. He is as excited as Lightness. Karen is in bed with a lot of pain brought on by the rain and cold. At noon, it is 65 degrees, rainy, and windy. If I could find the thermostat, I could heat the house up. Oh yeah, no heat and no glass in the windows. We'll try to keep her full of hot chocolate. I'm sitting with my leg up and reading an old Louis L'amour novel about the wild west. Keep us in your prayers.
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