Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am back home again. I didn't stay all five days at the hospital in Mwanza because they needed the bed and were worried that I might pick up another infection. So, I stayed the five days at a nearby hotel and the nurse came every day to pump the antibiotics into my veins. The doctor came every other day to check on my progress and change the dressing on my biopsy incision that was not sutured closed. Today, before I left Mwanza, I went by the hospital and both doctors said I was doing better and needed no more IV antibiotics, but I did need to continue with oral antibiotics in the same family for the next six days. While the pain is gone and the swelling is down, the lumps are still there under the skin, just not as big as they were. For me, I am just happy the needles (stints for IV) are out of both my hands. Hopefully, the oral meds will do the trick. I still must keep my leg elevated. Unfortunately, none of the oral meds I needed were available in Mwanza. Shaban has gone to Musoma to see if he can get them there. If he is successful, he will return later today or tomorrow. If he can't get the meds, well, it will be in God's hands which is not a bad place to be. It has been raining every day and many villages are flooded. All the way home from Mwanza, everywhere we looked there was standing water, overflowing rivers, and mud as far as the eye could see. I think we are the victims of global wetting. It is good to be home again. Thanks to all those who have prayed and are praying for me. It means a lot.
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