Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Biopsy went well. Now, I wait for the lab results from Nairobi--about ten days. I am staying with a good friend, Pete O'Neal in Arusha. He has twenty orphans ages four to eight living with him, and we play every day when they get back from school. They are fascinated with my wound, my hair, and are quick to point out every physical flaw I have--takes them quite a while. If I needed more humility, they give it. I miss my family, of course, but Pete has a huge collection of DVD's and a good library, so with those and the kids, the time goes by quickly. Tomorrow, the group from Arkansas arrives here and I will get to visit with them for a day before they leave on safari. Won't be there to greet them in Bunda but should be back around Feb. 6 or so. Our other missionary in Haiti, Jim Gulley, was sent home to San Francisco by the doctors because of injuries he sustained after being trapped in rubble for 55 hours. Our prayers are with him.
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