Monday, December 7, 2009

We have had no power and no internet for a while, but things are a bit better today. We are worried about Lusi, of course, and will be until we find out what's what and if she needs surgery and where she will get it. There is a big hospital in Mwanza with some good African surgeons (one there did my surgery that saved my life), so we hope that if Lusi needs surgery it can be done there. We will pay for it and her expenses--it won't be much for us, but it would be impossible for her. I have a lay pastor coming today for five Bibles to help his congregation have a Bible study. There is a pastor in Kenya who was recently in Fayetteville, Arkansas, who is coming this week to meet us and see if there are things with which we can help each other. We had visitors from Mwanza yesterday afternoon. The Indian merchant who owns the big store (Dubai Bazaar) where we bought our generator, lawn mower, and many, many more things--anyway, he and his whole family showed up to visit on their way to Musoma. His daughter was with them who lives in London and works with special needs children. She fell in love with Karen and what she is doing here and wanted to help her, but she has a husband in London. It was a very nice visit. Oh, and he wants to buy a biosand filter for his home. Around here, you just never know what God has in store--you just have to be obedient and available. If you are, some very incredible things happen. Keep Lusi in your prayers.
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