Monday, December 21, 2009

We are going to share Christmas afternoon with the Archers, Anglican missionaries from Australia who live just a couple of blocks from us. They are a delightful family of six with the oldest child six years old and the youngest just now one. Christmas morning is a worship service where I will baptize a number of people from several far flung churches. I will have to sit to do it because my leg is still a problem. The doctors today are talking about me staying a week in the hospital to get IV antibiotics. I am going to Mwanza on Wednesday to see if I can get the same thing in injectables I can do at home. Karen borrowed some cookie cutters from the Archers, so maybe we will have Christmas cookies. That would be a real treat. Thank all of you who requested prayers for us yesterday from your churches. We could feel the presence of the Spirit here. You are a blessing to us and God's mission.
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