Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today, we deliver a filter to the new District Commissioner. By some strange stroke of fate, the entire staff is on duty today. No one is sick, attending a funeral, or has a sick relative needing care. Praise God. I'm being a good boy and taking my meds: five pills at eight hour intervals and applying an antibiotic cream twice a day. I used to laugh at people who had to take lots of medications and now I am one. I guess it comes with age--and living in equatorial Africa. Tomorrow, John has another meeting in Musoma with some guys who are putting together a two-year program that could result in continuous funding for our mission. John's excited about it as are the other folks involved. I can't say any more than that at present but will keep you informed as to its progress. It got down to seventy degrees today, prompting Karen to say, "It's gonna snow!" Guess we're Africans, now.
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