Friday, December 18, 2009

Today, Charlini is three years old and cute as a button. It is hard to believe that it was just three years ago on Christmas Eve that her 15-yr-old mother died of high blood pressure leaving the infant Charlini in the care of her grandmother. Today, her grandmother took her to the Catholic church where the priest pronounced a special blessing for her. We gave her a little gift, but Juliana wouldn't let her open it till she got home. Graci, her mother, died a horrible death. I was able to anoint her the day she died. It made Christmas very sad, but seeing Charlini today with her great smile and the cute way she says "hikamoo babu" to me (should be 'shikamoo') just melts my heart. She has a new house now, too. God sends us His message in many ways if we but listen with our hearts. May you listen with your hearts to the real meaning of Christmas this year.
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