Monday, December 14, 2009

There was trouble at the church in Tireme yesterday, but reports so far have been sketchy. The only thing I know for sure was that it involved a rogue pastor and the police. Apparently, everything worked out okay, and I will get you proper information as soon as someone who speaks English can explain it to me. In the movies, a guy can become fluent in a foreign language in a matter of weeks. It is taking me a long time. If you ask Pete O'Neal in Arusha how long he took to learn Swahili, he will say about forty years. Our friend, Robi, in Musoma (who has just become a Tanzanian citizen) has been here over twenty years, but I know more than he does. John's meeting yesterday lasted all day, but he came home excited and happy. He and Robi and a Englishman named Jonathon are all working on this project and are all excited about it. Of course, it involves computers and will bring money into Tanzania and will benefit Tanzanians, but that's about all I understand now. A man from Musoma came down today and is buying three filters from Paul, so that he can set up his own bottled clean water for sale in Musoma. Jerry said when we started all this that it was going to be huge, and I believe he is right. It's just not happening as fast as I thought it would, but it is happening. When the new District Commissioner was here, he said that every home in Bunda should have one. Maybe one day they will.
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