Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A new law has gone into effect here that mandates all cell phones must be registered with the government by the end of December. If, after that time, your phone is lost or stolen, you must be able to produce your paperwork or pay a $100 fine. The lines have been long every day, but Paul volunteered to stand in line for us and get all five (don't ask) phones registered for us, so we are now legal. No more information on that problem in Tireme on Sunday. Good news on the home front, Juliana's daughter, Lightness, passed the national exam and will be able to start secondary school at Bunda Day School in January. Bunda Day is just right up the road from us and is where our Peace Corps friend, Kathryn, taught. Juliana is just beside herself. No one in her very large family ever went to secondary school, so she is rightly proud of Lightness. I had Bwana Masele tutor her in English for the last two months so she could pass her test (which is given in English). We are all happy for her.
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