Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lusi's X-ray results were inconclusive, so the doctor has her taking antibiotics. When the medicine runs out, they will do another X-ray to see if it has helped. Keep her in your prayers. Karen had an excellent meeting with the new District Commissioner of Bunda this morning. He is already working on making the library a reality, and he is coming here this afternoon to buy a biosand filter since the last District Commissioner took hers with her. I would say that things are looking up. I had a good meeting with Bishop Monto for a couple of hours this morning. The church is doing well although a few trouble spots remain, but they are relegated to the two rogue pastors in Tireme and shouldn't cause any real trouble. Also met with the Bunda Pastor, Godson, to finalize our plans for the service on Christmas Day. The car is still in Musoma, but they are working on painting it. All car painting here is done outdoors, so it can't be done if it is raining or windy and dusty. The primer coat is on, so hopefully only a few more days. We are praying for peace and patience for all of you who get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Take some time to smile and pray.
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