Sunday, December 20, 2009

Juliana was very sick yesterday which is quite normal here. Every member of the staff suffers almost every week. Lusi goes back for another X-ray tomorrow. She says the pain is almost gone, so we are hopeful that she won't need surgery. I have to go to Musoma tomorrow to cash a check, go by Juasun to pay for our internet, go the hospital for more meds and a recheck on my leg, pay our monthly social security bill, and get some Christmas food from the wazungu store, if they have any. We never know what will be on the shelves. Will probably go to Mwanza on Tuesday to buy a new tire. Not happy about any of it, but no one else can go. Life can be a drag, but if you want to continue to serve, you have to be available and obedient no matter how you feel. Will do a little Christmas shopping in both places, but just so there will be a little something under our little tree. We have many more requests for charity than we can accommodate, so we have to make allowances. We really don't need much, and those who come seeking help need whatever we can spare. I truly believe we will be judged more for what we give away than for what we acquire. Seems I read something like that in a special book we read every day. Pay attention to the words in red--I think they hold the answers to most of our questions, asked and unasked. May God bless every day of your life.
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