Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas eve, sunny and hot, and we can see the green hills separating us from the Serengeti. We will have six pastors and lay pastors sleeping here tonight so they can be ready for the big service tomorrow. I will not be baptizing anyone. I will he sitting with my bandaged leg elevated with compression wraps around my ankles taking my medication at two and four hour intervals. Ah well, it is the first step toward getting my life back in order and looking forward to another year of service to our Lord. Wait a minute, isn't that what all of us should be doing on Christmas Eve? We found a turkey in Mwanza, so for the first time in five years, we will be able to smell turkey cooking tomorrow. We have to guess at the temperature of our propane oven, but I bet we can make it work. What a treat. I will have some turkey sandwiches to take with me to the hospital Monday. Hospitals don't provide food, you have to bring your own, so this will be pretty nice. Merry Christmas from the land of the lions and giraffes.
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