Saturday, December 5, 2009

For those of you arguing over health care, Lusi had to wait two days at the hospital just to be seen by a doctor and has to go back on Monday because that's when the X-Ray unit will be there. With any luck, the operator will know what he is doing and the doctor (no radiologists here) will correctly interpret the results. She may have an operation with the doctors having no idea what is actually wrong with her. The risk of infection and contracting AIDS from unsanitary conditions is high. I know--I have had two surgeries there. Luckily, the surgeon for me was a Norwegian missionary who is long gone now. We could lose Lusi because we simply do not have the care here you have there. If she had been in the states, they would have found out Thursday what was wrong and operated that day if necessary in sterile conditions. The operating room here (they call it "theatre") has windows open to the outdoors. During one of my operations, vervet monkeys were coming in and out of the windows. One of the reasons the life expectancy is so low here (age 42) is a combination of malaria, AIDS, and poor health care. Pray for Lusi and for all those who suffer with little hope of receiving decent care. Just one day watching the people in what passes for a hospital here would change the way you look at health care. Keep us in your prayers.
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